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What is SketchUp?

Quickly becoming the landscape designer's standard, Trimble SketchUp (formally Google Sketchup) is a tool that offers the ability for designers to create realistic, virtual 3D environments.

Why SketchUp?

Trimble (SketchUp's developer) harnesses the power of open source by allowing people from all different industries to contribute models to an ever growing online search-able database.  You can browse through these models and download anything from trees and shrubs, to our Outdoor Living Kits, which can then be imported into your virtual environment.

Best of all, the models, software and training videos are free!

You can browse Trimble's 3D Warehouse to discover new pre-built 3D models to begin creating a project.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Trimble offers video tutorials, so in a short time you can master the basics, and begin modeling your own objects and environments like a pro.

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